Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA402XY-NC005W) - Ryzen 9-7940HS - 32GB - 1TB SSD - Nvidia RTX 4090 16GB - Win 11 Home - ROG Nebula HDR Mini LED Display

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4.329,003.789,00 € Προσφορά
Χωρίς ΦΠΑ: 3.055,65 €
Κωδικός Msystems: 001-61147
Part Number: 90NR0BJ6-M000H0
Εγγύηση: 2 Έτη εγγύηση, (DOA 7 ημερών) απευθείας από την ASUS.
Εξυπηρέτηση πελατών ASUS Service: 800-848-1322 (από σταθερό τηλέφωνο) ή 211-198-5051 (από κινητό και σταθερό τηλέφωνο), E-mail: greece_support@asus.com

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For gamers who demand unbelievable motion and image clarity, the Zephyrus G14 offers an incredible Nebula HDR Display with a 165Hz refresh rate, 100% DCI-P3 coverage, and 600 nits of peak brightness for stunning HDR gameplay. The 14-inch, 16:10 Mini LED panel provides incredibly deep blacks for content that jumps right off the screen, whether you’re watching a movie or playing a fast-moving arena shooter. Or opt for a QHD 165Hz Nebula Display with 500 nits peak brightness, or a Full HD 144Hz display. All models share an incredible 91% screen-to-body ratio.

*AniMe Matrix™ equipped models are not available with Nebula HDR Mini LED panel.

Next gen power

The 2023 Zephyrus G14 is powered by the best of AMD and NVIDIA® for a stellar Windows 11 Pro gaming experience out of the box. Featuring up to the new AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS processor and up to an NVIDIA® GeForce RTX® 4090 Laptop GPU with up to a 125W TGP, as well as a MUX Switch and NVIDIA® Advanced Optimus support, this 14-inch powerhouse is ready for any gaming or multitasking you can throw at it.


Power through any game or project with up to an AMD Ryzen™ 9 7940HS processor, boasting 8 cores and 16 threads. Whether you need single core power for gaming or multithreaded muscle for multitasking, the Zephyrus G14 is ready and able to deliver.

GPU Power Unleashed

Top-tier components require power, especially when it comes to maximizing your GPU’s gaming performance. Powered by NVIDIA DLSS 3, ultra-efficient Ada Lovelace arch, and Max-Q Technologies. The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 Laptop GPU features an impressive max TGP of 125W, thanks to the extra 25W available with Dynamic Boost*. Higher power limits allow the card to boost higher for longer, squeezing the absolute most performance out of your machine, ensuring you have the highest framerates possible.

Game. Stream. Create.

The Zephyrus G14 is built from the ground up for gamers — and, of course, game developers. The Zephyrus G14 can run all of the latest game engines like Unity and Autodesk, enabling you to unlock your creativity and try your hand at making something new. Whether you’re a digital artist, streamer, video editor, or dabble with animation and game development, the Zephyrus G14 has all the horsepower you need to take your creations to the next level.



Powerful hardware requires robust cooling, especially in a compact chassis. The Zephyrus G14 packs a vapor chamber for the CPU and GPU with Thermal Grizzly’s liquid metal thermal compound for ultra-efficient heat transfer from the hottest parts of the machine. With coverage of 48.2% of the heat generating components, the vapor chamber allows the G14 to have a 25W higher power budget, pushing performance to the limit without increasing fan noise or chassis size.

In the Silent operating mode during low power tasks, 0dB technology allows the fans to be automatically disabled for a truly silent experience.

Vapor Chamber dissipates heat faster

Compared to conventional heat pipes that only transfer heat along their axis, vapor chamber designs spread heat across their entire surface, creating a wider area for rapid heat dissipation in small spaces. Reducing the temperature of these power components helps improve long-term stability and reliability.

Endless personalization

Make the Zephyrus G14 uniquely yours with customizable animation options. Display text messages or system notifications, set the matrix to respond in real time to your audio source, or create a custom animation of your very own.

Feel the beat

Virtual 5.1.2-channel surround sound powered by Dolby Atmos® technology puts you in the center of the action, with volume 1.78x louder than the 2021 Zephyrus G14. Twin tweeters fire sound directly at you, while dual Smart Amp woofers bounce sound off the table underneath the machine. Switch between 6 preset modes that optimize settings based on the type of game and media, or make manual modifications that fit your preferences. Two-Way AI Noise Cancelation filters both input and output audio, making streams, chats, and recording clearer than ever.

Mash up

The 2023 Zephyrus G14 features a desktop-inspired keyboard layout to match the larger 16:10 aspect ratio display. Overstroke technology triggers higher in each keystroke for faster responsiveness, and the ErgoLift design raises the keyboard at an angle to make typing more comfortable. Volume, microphone mute, and ROG Armoury Crate hotkeys keep critical commands within easy reach. The hotkeys are also fully customizable, and can be programmed to launch apps, set as a function key, or used as a macro.

Adaptable connectivity

Dual USB Type-C ports, one with power delivery and DisplayPort™ 1.4 support, as well as a pair of USB 3.2 Type-A ports provide ample connectivity options. The brand-new addition of a Micro SD card reader is perfect for creators who need to transfer data while on the move.

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Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
ΜοντέλοROG Zephyrus G14 (GA402XY-NC005W) - Ryzen 9-7940HS - 32GB - 1TB SSD - Nvidia RTX 4090 16GB - Win 11 Home - ROG Nebula HDR Mini LED Display
Part Number90NR0BJ6-M000H0
Τύπος LaptopGaming
Εύρος Διαγωνίουμικρότερο από 15"
Διαγώνιος14" ROG Nebula HDR Display - Anti-Glare, 165Hz Mini LED Display, 600nits, DCI-P3 100%, Contrast Ratio 100.000:1 - FreeSync Premium Pro, G-Sync - Dolby Vision HDR - Pantone Validated
Ανάλυση Οθόνης2560x1600
ΕπεξεργαστήςRyzen 9
Μοντέλο ΕπεξεργαστήAMD Ryzen 9 7940HS (8-core/16-thread, 16MB cache, 4.0GHz up to 5.2 GHz max boost)
Μνήμη RAM32GB (2x16GB) 4800MHz - 16GB On-Board + 16GB on DIMM Slot, up to 32GB Maximum Memory
Τύπος ΜνήμηςDDR5
Δίσκος1TB NVMe SSD - Gen4
Κάρτα ΓραφικώνNvidia GeForce
Μοντέλο Κάρτας ΓραφικώνRTX 4090 16GB - ROG Boost: 1505MHz* at 125W (1455MHz Boost Clock+50MHz OC, 100W+25W Dynamic Boost)
Υποστήριξη ΔικτύουWiFi a/b/g/n + AC - 802.11ax WiFi 6E Triple Band
Bluetooth V 5.2
Συνδέσεις2x USB 3.2 type A Gen2
1x USB 3.2 type C Gen2 (support DisplayPort)
1x USB 4.0 type C (support DisplayPort / power delivery)
1x HDMI V2.1 FRL
Λειτουργικό ΣύστημαWindows 11 Home
Πρόσθετα ΧαρακτηριστικάG-Sync
165Hz Monitor
Xωρίς optical drive
Greek RGB Backlit Keyboard - 1-Zone RGB
Card Reader microSD (UHS-II)
Webcam 1080P Full HD IR Camera for Windows Hello
Mini-Led Display
Οπισθοφωτισμός Πληκτρολογίου (Backlit)Mε RGB οπισθοφωτισμό
Βάρος2-3 κιλά 1.72Kg
Λοιπά στοιχείαDTS:X® Ultra 7.1 Virtual Surround Quad Speaker audio system
Dolby Atmos - Hi-Res certification
ROG Nebula HDR Display
3.5mm Combo Audio Jack
Microphone: Built-in 3-microphone array
Color: Eclipse Gray Mini-Led version
Dimension (W x D x H): 31.2 x 22.7 x 1.95 ~ 2.05 cm
MUX Switch + NVIDIA Advanced Optimus
Trusted Platform Module (Firmware TPM)
Battery: 4 Cell Li-Ion 76WHr, 240W AC Adapter
Εγγύηση2 Έτη εγγύηση, (DOA 7 ημερών) απευθείας από την ASUS.
Εξυπηρέτηση πελατών ASUS Service: 800-848-1322 (από σταθερό τηλέφωνο) ή 211-198-5051 (από κινητό και σταθερό τηλέφωνο), E-mail: greece_support@asus.com
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