Dell Inspiron 15 (5510) i7-11370H - 8GB - 512GB SSD - Nvidia MX 450 2GB - Win 11 Home - Platinum Silver Νέο

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Κωδικός Msystems: 001-55915
Part Number: 471467277
Εγγύηση: 2 Έτη, (το 1 Έτος Premium Support with Onsite Service & το 2ο Έτος Collect and Return), Τηλ.
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Email: info_dellhellas@dell.com

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Runs smooth. Looks sharp.

Power up: The latest 11th Generation Intel® Core™ processors deliver incredible responsiveness and smooth, seamless multitasking. Enjoy the extra power of optional NVIDIA® GeForce® MX450 discrete graphics with up to 2GB GDDR5 graphics memory.

Keeps its cool: A redesigned thermal system unleashes the power of your device while also preserving its thin design. Dual heat pipes move heat away from your CPU and GPU, more fan blades move more air and a drop-hinge allows air to circulate underneath your laptop.

Peace and quiet: With a fluid dynamic bearing system, your laptop's fan is not only long-lasting, but it also runs quietly while keeping your device performing at its best.

Better performance: Enjoy up to 2TB PCIe NVMe SSDs for responsive and stable performance on-the-go.

A does-it-all port: Available on configurations with an i7 processor, a Thunderbolt™ 4 port over USB Type-C™ supports DisplayPort and Power Delivery, meaning the one port can charge the laptop, connect to peripherals, and supply monitors with a display signal.

Strength meets style: Crafted with aluminum on the top cover and palmrest, your device feels luxurious without sacrificing durability.

Upgraded design

Striking colour: Your laptop's Platinum Silver colour is classic yet contemporary with a stunning exterior and a subtle interior for an eye-catching contrast. 

View content in style: Your laptop’s all-around narrow borders and compact size result in an expansive screen-to-body ratio and delightful viewing experience.

Keep your privacy: Our all-new mechanical camera shutter protects against anyone invading your privacy or accidental embarrassments on video calls; so you can read, watch, or chat all day with peace of mind.

Nice and roomy: Enjoy plenty of space for navigation with a full-size pitch, keycaps that are 6.4% larger than the prior generation, and a spacious touchpad.

Just your type: 1.3mm key travel provides a satisfying typing experience while keeping your device slim and trim.

Environmentally conscious

Recycled packaging: The packaging tray for all Inspiron laptops are made from 100% recycled paper, while other packaging components* are comprised of up to 90% recycled materials.

Real smart

Ready to go: Your always-ready experience starts as soon as you open your device. Turn on, boot-up, and log-in quickly. A lid-open sensor gets the laptop started when opened, even if completely off or hibernating, and a fingerprint reader will verify identity quickly for login using Windows Hello.

On call: Staying connected with up-to-date applications has never been easier thanks to Adaptive Connected Modern Standby. Now your device stays ready, even when asleep, so you can quickly access files and applications whenever needed for an instant-on experience.

Fast charge: ExpressCharge™ minimizes the time you spend tethered to an outlet and will recharge your battery in a flash (up to 80% in 60 minutes).

Adaptive thermals: Using advanced algorithms and accelerometers, your system is smart enough to know when it is on a stable surface, such as a desk, or unstable surface like your hands or lap. This allows your device to intelligently adapt its power and thermal profiles to the situation – keeping your device running smoothly.

Unite your devices with Dell Mobile connect

Stay focused and connected: Stay focused on tasks by interacting with your phone directly from your Dell PC– you can easily make calls, send texts, and get notifications.

Transfer files seamlessly: Transfer files, photos, videos, music, and documents between your PC and phone without complicated cloud storage or cumbersome cables.

Mirror Device to PC: Project your Android or iOS device screen onto your PC and interact with apps there.

Maintain your privacy: Your phone connects to your PC via Dell Mobile Connect’s* point-to-point, secure connection so your data is never exposed via unsecure internet connections.

Designed for the real world — because that's where life happens

We want you to love your new PC for years to come. That's why we test Inspiron laptops for reliability not just in the places where you expect it, but for the open road ahead.

Turn up the heat: From locker rooms to locked cars, we test Inspiron laptops for survival in harsh short-term heat conditions of up to 65°C/149°F.

Everything hinges on it: We test Inspiron laptop hinges to ensure they still feel tight, even after opening and closing the lid 20,000 times.

Keys to success: We test commonly used keys for 10 million keystrokes and touch pad buttons 1 million times with no failure. So go ahead, finish your novel.

Buttoned up: No matter what you set your power and multimedia buttons to do, we've tested them all to survive up to 40,000 pushes with no problems.

Twist and turn: Call us excessive, but after twisting an Inspiron laptop's base and lid more than 25,000 times, we can assure you the parts inside are well protected.

Always a good fit: You'll probably never need to remove and reinstall your Inspiron's battery 30 times, but you can rest easy knowing that we've tested even that.

Ports & Slots

1. SD card reader | 2. USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A | 3. Headset Jack | 4. Power Jack | 5. HDMI 1.4 | 6. USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A | 7. USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 Type C™ port with DisplayPort™ and Power Delivery (only for computers with i5 processor) / Thunderbolt 4.0 with DisplayPort™ and Power Delivery (Available on i7 processors)

Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά
ΜοντέλοInspiron 15 (5510) i7-11370H - 8GB - 512GB SSD - Nvidia MX 450 2GB - Win 11 Home - Platinum Silver
Part Number471467277
Τύπος LaptopHome/Business
Εύρος Διαγωνίου15" εώς 16.9"
Διαγώνιος15.6" Anti-Glare LED Backlit Display, 250nits, NTSC 45%, Contrast Ratio 600:1
Ανάλυση Οθόνης1920x1080
ΕπεξεργαστήςCore i7
Μοντέλο Επεξεργαστήi7-11370H (Turbo Boost 4.80GHz, 12MB Cache, 11th Gen Tiger Lake, 4 Cores / 8 Threads)
Μνήμη RAM8GB (2x4GB) 3200MHz, up to 32GB maximum memory (2x slots)
Τύπος ΜνήμηςDDR4
Δίσκος512GB NVMe SSD
Κάρτα ΓραφικώνNvidia GeForce
Μοντέλο Κάρτας ΓραφικώνGeForce MX450 2GB
Υποστήριξη ΔικτύουWiFi a/b/g/n + AC Intel AX201 up to 2400 Mbps WiFi 6
Bluetooth V 5.2
Συνδέσεις3x USB 3.2 type A Gen1
1x HDMI V 1.4
1x Thunderbolt 4 (USB Type C)
Λειτουργικό ΣύστημαWindows 11 Home
Πρόσθετα ΧαρακτηριστικάXωρίς optical drive
Greek Backlit Keyboard
Card Reader SD-card slot
Webcam 720p HD
Fingerprint Reader
ΒάροςΚάτω από 2 κιλά 1.75Kg
Λοιπά στοιχείαAC Adapter: 65 Watt AC Adapter
Battery: 4-Cell Battery, 54WHr
Audio: Realtek with Waves MaxxAudio Pro with stereo speakers 2watt x2
1x Headphone/ Microphone combo jack
Εγγύηση2 Έτη, (το 1 Έτος Premium Support with Onsite Service & το 2ο Έτος Collect and Return), Τηλ.
Πληροφορίες σχετικά με το Premium Support μπορείτε να δείτε εδώ.
Email: info_dellhellas@dell.com
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